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Guest Appearances

Many of our team members have been invited as guests on other podcasts. See the list here.

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ReStory™ Podcast

Weekly conversations at the intersection of theology and psychology with Chris and Beth Bruno.

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Thrive Marriage Podcast

Committed to building marriages that are thriving, not just surviving with Chris Bruno and Tracy Johnson.

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Free Articles


Minister's Roadmap  

10 Must Do's for those who Care for People: A Checklist for Today to Ensure you're Prepared for Tomorrow


Funding a Sabbatical

The Sabbatical of your dreams may not be so elusive with these tried and true funding ideas.


5 Signs of a P*rn Problem

A self-assessment designed to help you identify and face that you may have a pornography problem.


Self-Paced Online Courses

Marriage Communication

Designed to help you explore your default communication posture, and explore ways to lean into relationship with one another.

You see, there is a "Loveseat" for every marriage. It is a place where both spouses are turned toward one another, where defensive postures are set aside, and face-to-face and heart-to-heart communication occurs. It's a posture of connectedness and shared relationship. Ultimately, it is where our hearts long to find our spouse, and where we long to be found.

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Story Mini-Course

Do you know your spouse's story? Or, do you really just know the itinerary of their lives? Here's a better question: do you know your own?

In this mini-course, Chris Bruno and Tracy Johnson walk you through our story framework and how to start to understand your own story and safely share parts of it with your spouse.


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Re|Wire: Moving from Sexual Addiction to True Godly Connection

Many pornography recovery programs focus on the symptoms and the behavior, and at best gloss over, or at worst completely miss the issues of the heart. While addressing unwanted addictive behavior is important, especially at first, true healing and restoration comes when the deeper concerns of the heart are addressed with curiosity and kindness. This is not an "accountability" program. 

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Roadmap to a Restorative Sabbatical

You have served long and hard. Ministry isn't easy. You know that your heart and soul need some rejuvenation for the next stage of life and work. But there is so much to think about! And what if you finally "get there" and you don't do it right? We get you. We've been there. 

That's why we created this course.

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Mini-Courses for Intentional Mothering

Awaken: Finding Her Glory

Mom's Story Journey

Preparing a Becoming Year 

Beyond Periods and Purity

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