Ready To Get Your Life Back?


Not Sure If You Have a Problem?

Take this self-assessment and find out.

Does this sound like you?

  • You are determined to get your life back and long for more.

  • You have made the declaration that pornography will no longer hijack your God-given masculinity.

  • You've tried accountability, read books, and attempted programs. None have worked. You're ready for a different approach.

  • You have felt such shame and you wonder, is there grace for you?

Re|wire offers hope.


In this course, you receive...


An Onramp

Equivalent to 3-4 Individual Counseling Sessions

with Licensed Counselor, Chris Bruno

This course is written with clients in mind, designed to offer the information typically covered in the first several sessions of counseling. We recommend completing this course (either individually or with a small group) before starting with a therapist. You will find the work face-to-face much more efficacious if you already have the categories and awareness presented here.


A Unique Approach

Guidance into Your Own Story

rather than the magic bullet that stops behavior

Many pornography recovery programs focus on the symptoms and the behavior, and at best gloss over, or at worst completely miss the issues of the heart. While addressing unwanted addictive behavior is important, especially at first, true healing and restoration comes when the deeper concerns of the heart are addressed with curiosity and kindness. This is not an "accountability" program. 


Grace, Not Shame

Transformational Teaching and Personal Reflection
teaching you how addiction actually works in YOUR life

Filled with kindness and gospel-infused hope, you will learn how pornography hijacks desire, about the cycle of addiction, how to manage temptation, how addiction is idolatry, what first steps you need to take toward freedom, and an introduction into the realms of the heart.

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Re|Wire Course Highlights

Who Is Your Re|Wire Guide?

Chris Bruno, LPC

Chris is the founder and CEO of Restoration Counseling and Restoration Project. He holds an MA from The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology and is the author of Man Maker Project and The Brotherhood Primer

What does Re|Wire cost?

Typical counseling can cost between $100-$175 per session. With this course, you get focused help, digital downloads, and watch-at-your-own-pace videos, all with an expert counselor. View it as an equivalent to 3-4 individual counseling sessions. That's a value of more than $500!


One Time

Start Now

Frequently Asked Questions

You receive lifetime access to the course library which includes videos and worksheets in the following modules:

  • First Steps Toward Healing: An Introduction

  • Triage: Stopping the Bleeding and Clearing the Airway

  • Triage: Getting a Pulse and Fight/Flight

  • Addiction Cycle: Behavioral

  • Addiction Cycle: Emotional

  • Issues of the Heart

  • Next Steps and Conclusion

No problem. Since you have 24/7 access to the course library, you can review, rewatch, and catch up at any time.

We have two options for you:

Option 1: We would be happy to help connect you with a Restoration Counseling ReStory specialist. Our team is ready to serve you, and can do so virtually from anywhere or in-person in Fort Collins, Colorado. 

Option 2: Chris offers 3-Day Intensives. Please see ReStory Intensives for more details. 

YES! There's an app for that!

Of course, you can access Re|Wire from any web-browser anywhere. You will receive login instructions upon joining.

But to make it even more accessible, you can download the Kajabi app on your smartphone as well. Use the same credentials to log into the app, and Re|Wire will be right there waiting for you.